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About Us

Abcon Products supplies plastic packaging solutions for produce and packaged food needs. Whether it is recommending an existing package that will extend shelf life or customizing for a perfect fit, we'll work with you to showcase your products.

On top of consistently supplying plastic packaging that is a cut above the rest, we offer labeling services to meet your individual needs. Over the past decade, Abcon Products has labeled hundreds of millions of retail items, helping numerous growers & shippers to merchandise their products to exact specifications. We understand how important every piece of plastic packaging is to our customers—Each one is an opportunity to catch the eye of a retail customer. We want to be more than just a piece of plastic wrapped around an item—the quality of our product and the labels we apply should enhance your commodity, and leave the consumer with no choice but to place your item into their cart/basket.

Attention to detail drives our staff, and perfection is our goal. Our experienced team has the ability to work around your needs. Our on-time labeling services ensure that we label what you want, and get it to you when you need it. This fluidity allows us to provide a level of service we’re sure you won’t find elsewhere.

The Choice Is Clear. Contact Abcon Products today at 1-800-733-4883.